AbridgeMe for Publishers…A Community of Experts!

Our dedicated partnership team works with existing content creators, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions that are looking to educate the world and bring greater exposure to their content in today’s information overload, attention minimal, environment.

We help you take your existing content, boil it down to 100 words or less, and become the first stop on a learner’s journey to understanding any topic. Our minimalist and concise format gives readers just a taste of what you bring to the table, before driving them to your web properties. 

Don’t settle for replicating your existing content in the same boring format, let your content thrive in today’s fast-paced world on and AbridgeMe Mobile. To get started, reach out to our partner team at

Partner Benefits:

  • Create your organization’s profile and build awareness for your brand
  • Drive traffic – your profile image and name is displayed proudly on each article that you contribute
  • Help educate the world – In addition to native users on our platform, AbridgeMe works with non-profit organizations to build literacy around the globe
  • Bring static content back to life - take old content and repurpose it in a mobile friendly and easy to consume environment
  • Reach a global audience that’s thirsty for knowledge, yet short on time!


Deliver your content in the simplest, yet most engaging format possible—and drive traffic straight to your other content.