Our Motivation

The internet, flooded with content and reference data from across the world, lacks what we call the "Art of Summation" – the ability to clearly and concisely provide explanations for (often complex) topics that any reader can easily comprehend. It is this lack of summation, and hopes to solve that problem, that ultimately led us to create the AbridgeME platform. Our goal is simple - To provide the world with a tool for obtaining short (100 words or less), fact-based, summaries on any topic.

The current lack of resources for fact-based overviews ultimately leads to uninformed readers diving straight into detailed news articles, blog posts, Twitter, Facebook, etc. - and thus taking the author's opinion at face value and not properly forming their own. By taking in the facts on a given topic first, the more informed reader can then engage intelligently and form their own opinion on the subject at hand. We aim to be the first stop on your journey to understanding any topic!