What is AbridgeMe?

AbridgeMe is a crowdsourced knowledge platform, that through the help of contributors from around the world, delivers to the web entirely unbiased and concise summaries of the world’s most discussed topics (current and past) for any reader to quickly understand - Always in 100 words or less!

Why 100 words or less?

We explain our reasoning for the 100 word constraint in a blog post here.  

How can I contribute?

It's simple. Sign up (see below) and start writing summaries today! Our knowledge seekers love reading what experts in specific fields have to say. Though even if you aren't an expert, but have a good understanding of a topic you can definitely help the rest of the world understand it. 

How do I sign up?

To sign up, go to AbridgeMe.com and click the 'Sign up' button in the top right corner. You can then sign up through Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or just plain ole email. 

How is AbridgeMe different from other reference websites (Wikipedia, Wikia, Answers.com, etc.)?

AbridgeMe is the only platform where you are guaranteed to get a brief synopsis on any topic. We think the other tools out there are great, but we aim to be the one stop shop for concise, well written summaries. Sometimes you just don't have time to read a 1,000 word news article to get up to speed.

What does clicking the "vote up" button mean?

We have designed a voting system to allow for users to "vote up" the submitted summaries on a given topic that best helps them understand it. This allows for contributors to add their summaries to already existing topics and potentially reach the top! Only the top summary per topic is displayed in our app.

Where can I find tips on writing?

Writing tips are here.

Will you have a mobile app?

Yes! Get it for free, here

Will I be able to write summaries from the app?

We haven’t enabled writing from mobile devices yet, but we plan to for future releases.

What about an Android app?

We do plan on building one, but starting with iOS first. 

Do you plan to add support for other languages than English?

Yes. As the market demands, we will build!

How do I change my avatar?

Your default avatar is linked to the social media account you signed up with. You can change this photo by heading over to your profile page and selecting 'change picture'.

What if I notice innacurate information in a summary?

Our Moderators are humans and do make mistakes. If you come across a summary that appears to have innacurate information, please email the link to Editor@AbridgeMe.com and explain where the incorrect detail is (even better if you can source the correct info). We are working on a better system for this, but this is the best we have at this time.