Community Guidelines

AbridgeMe would be nothing without all the awesome topics and summaries that our member writers provide. It’s very important to us that all of our members feel safe within the community. The internet is a big, big place. It's remarkable that we can come together and build this amazing reference tool!

Please be respectful of the privacy of others
AbridgeMe isn’t intended to right the wrongs of your life, but to create an explanation of the world around us. 

A word about commercial use
We welcome business and industry with open arms, but the service must be used appropriately. Do not use any feature within AbridgeMe to spam the community with your goods and services.

Content shared on AbridgeMe must be appropriate for all ages
Summaries may not feature content or imagery that is sexualized, explicit, gratuitous, or where there is an expectation of privacy. Your profile picture may not feature nudity in any form. If you come across what you consider to be questionable content, please feel free to click the “flag this” link that available in the lower right of every note on the site.