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This sounds like a resolution to the problem of short attention spans and wildly inaccurate internet information. I love it!


I believe we are very misinformed as a society and the reality is that explaining even the most complex of issues can be broken down for almost anybody to understand. I would lo...


Really appreciate what you are trying to build at AbridgeME as it seems to be the ideal thing in this fast paced world where time is a scarce commodity.


A shortened, well written version of Wikipedia will do wonders!


What a wonderful idea! AbridgeME will be especially helpful to people whom English is their 2nd or 3rd language!


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The ever-evolving product is an incredibly powerful centralized knowledge base of short, well-explained summaries for any user to quickly read and absorb.

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Eric (Founder) 22 Aug 2014

It's been 1 month since the beta launch of AbridgeME so I wanted to give a quick update on our progress to date…

Based on the feedback we are receiving from our growing community, we are continuously making improvements/adjustments to the site in order to best suit the needs of our users (both from a contributing writer and general site visitor perspective). Having been written up by two of the top new technology websites (Erilibird and Betalist) really helped in bringing on early adopters to the platform and providing actionable feedback. We are also taking what we have learned so far to make tweaks to the design of our iOS app, which will be launching very soon! 


Our main goal over the next few months is to really make a push out to experts and knowledgable people in various fields (which could be you!) and get them excited about contributing their knowledge to the platform and ultimately helping the world get up to speed quickly on any topic. On that note, I am excited to say that one of our Top Authors, and someone who has been excited about bringing AbridgeME to life since its infancy, will now be AbridgeME’s official Community Manager. Please join me in congratulating Ted Weinberg as he takes on this important role of actively growing and working with the AbridgeME community as it aims to become the go to resource for quick, fact-based knowledge.


Technology is nothing without people using it and helping it evolve, so I really do appreciate any feedback, comments, ideas, etc. to make AbridgeME better and help it grow into an incredibly useful resource - please contact me directly:



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