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This sounds like a resolution to the problem of short attention spans and wildly inaccurate internet information. I love it!

02 May 2014

I believe we are very misinformed as a society and the reality is that explaining even the most complex of issues can be broken down for almost anybody to understand. I would lo...

09 May 2014

Really appreciate what you are trying to build at AbridgeME as it seems to be the ideal thing in this fast paced world where time is a scarce commodity.

14 May 2014

A shortened, well written version of Wikipedia will do wonders!

16 May 2014

What a wonderful idea! AbridgeME will be especially helpful to people whom English is their 2nd or 3rd language!

17 May 2014

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The ever-evolving product is an incredibly powerful centralized knowledge base of short, well-explained summaries for any user to quickly read and absorb.

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Ted Weinberg 29 Sep 2014

Hello to all and welcome to AbridgeME.com - the world's first crowdsourced reference platform for concise explanations on any topic!


For those visiting the website for the first time, let me tell you a little bit about our mission and purpose. The inspiration of AbridgeME came from our founder’s, Eric Rems, prior discontent with the public’s access to current and past information. News content produced by American media conglomerates seemed often times biased and information found during an independent search can be dense and unverified (something that is frustrating to anyone looking for a quick, fact-based overview on a topic).  Rather than continuing to turn to external forces, Rems decided to create a community that gave the power of sharing and discovering the events that take place in the world around us.     


In order to emphasize importance of core information, each article on AbridgeME consists of 100 words or fewer.  We believe that 100 is the perfect amount of words to describe all the vital material on a given subject and would provide our users with the knowledge necessary to expand on that topic further going forward.


I became involved with AbridgeME in March 2014 after reading about the website online. Also frustrated with informational options available, I saw AbridgeME as an opportunity to spread knowledge and keep public informed along the way. Soon after I began contributing articles on topics that I believed I was well informed in and told others to do the same. I hope going forward that those with superior experience and expertise will pick up where I left off.


So once again, welcome! Please feel free to browse and contribute on any article you may choose as we look to change the way the public receives information going forward. For any recommnedations on topics to contribute, please contact me directly at Ted@AbridgeME.com and I am happy to help get you started. 


AbridgeME Community Management Team.  


"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"

-Albert Einstein

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